A partnership based on experience and trust

A partnership based on experience and trust

We are an experienced, professional and reliable partner for your business. We are well acquainted with the market, provide the highest quality sales and logistics services for transport and its parts, and perform qualified service works. So walk all the way to success together with us: no challenges, no worries.

Our experience is not just mileage

We have been working for more than ten years already, and although we are a transport company, we do not only count the experience in the kilometres travelled. The number of our employees, the number of sold trucks, spare parts and cargo transported, the number of happy customers of the service, and the fleet of available trucks is constantly growing. We have settles in a convenient location, we work honestly and ethically, and the trust shown by our customers means for us a responsibility to do much more, more efficiently, more quickly every time.

  • Experience
    10 y.
  • Specialists
  • Repaired vehicles
    5 942
  • Trucks sold
  • Semi trailers sold
    1 009
  • Trucks disassembled
  • Cargo transported
    10 008
Quality is the greatest value

Quality is the greatest value

Whether we sell or repair a truck, offer spare parts or provide cargo transportation services, we always adhere to the highest quality standards, as respect for the customer is the most important and essential priority of our activities.
On time because of harmony

On time because of harmony

Many years of experience have precisely adjusted the mechanism of our team’s joint work. Therefore, we do everything accurately, thoughtfully, deliberately, appreciating customer’s time, because we understand that it is extremely expensive.
A team that creates value

A team that creates value

We are united by practical experience, professionalism and attention for customer. We have formed a team of experienced drivers, skilled workmen and management experts, which we are especially proud of. We know that value is created by the best professionals, so we pay special attention to strengthening and nurturing the team. Want to join us? Find out about career opportunities.
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