Trucks service: worthy of trust, easy to move

Our repair, maintenance, computer diagnostics and specialized service solutions guarantee more reliable and easier trips. We will take care of the uninterrupted, smooth and secure operation of your trucks; therefore they will cover even the longest distances with the least possible challenges.

Speed and quality

We identify faults accurately, perform works quickly and with high quality, and we are comfortable with the results because we work as for ourselves.


We always consider the customer’s needs, evaluate the possibilities and offer the best solution that exceeds expectations.

Experience, professionalism, convenience

The experience of skilled workers is more than 10 years, we are located in Vievis, so we can offer a friendly price for services, and also, it is easy and convenient to reach us.

Computer diagnostics and electrical works

With the help of professional diagnostic equipment and the competence of automotive electricians, we assess the technical condition of the truck, identify faults in electrical systems and masterfully eliminate them.

Specialized solutions

We professionally perform maintenance and repair of all types of semi trailers and trailers, hydraulic lifts, autonomous heaters WEBASTO, EEBERSPACHER.

Engine and gearbox repair

We perform high-quality repair work on all types of engines and gearboxes. We rectify faults professionally and ensure thoroughly that these most important parts of the trucks work properly.

Repair of suspension

Smooth suspension work ensures the safety, control and manoeuvrability of the truck on the road. Therefore, our experts will diagnose and eliminate faults professionally, guaranteeing safe, stable and quiet trips.

AdBlue system repair

We perform comprehensive truck diagnostics and apply extremely reliable AdBlue system repair solutions. As a result, it will perform perfectly, engine power will increase and fuel consumption will be optimal.

Painting and dents removing

We perform qualified painting and dents removing works of the highest quality for trucks cabins and frame, masterfully giving your vehicle the condition it had previously.

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