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Only original DAF spare parts

Our services

  • DAF truck parts - we offer a wide range of parts used in the DAF. Genuine Parts range added daily. Constantly we have about 20 different tractor with different equipment disassembly.
  • Garage services - repairing tractors, trucks, semi-trailers, trailers, awnings.
  • Car wash services - hand wash of trucks, tractors, dump trucks. We use only high-quality washing chemistry and "Kaercher" provimo devices.
  • Sale of heavy haulage - selling tractors, trucks, semi-trailers, trailers.
  • Procurement of vehicles - we purchase tractors, trucks and semi-trailers. Vehicles may be: after an accident, damaged, old, not suitable for driving.
  • Shipping - transport cargoes both on local and international routes (the European Union and the CIS countries) in tilted semi-trailers and tippers. We transport partial, dangerous and bulk cargo. Bulk loads transported by our dump trucks from 40m3 - 65m3. We transport all kinds of bulk cargo: grain, beet seeds, crushed stone, sand, gravel, sawdust and other. All transported goods are insured.
  • We deliver semi-trailers within the CIS countries - to deliver semi-CIS countries in the location specified. They are featured in our trucks.